Terraceship AKA Greenhouse

Has everyone seen the documentary called The Garbage Warrior? If not, I would recommend watching it. The Earthship academy based in Taos New Mexico was lucky enough to get Marco to attend last fall. He has designed a "Terraceship" (what we have named it) for all our greenhouse growing needs. It will be made out of recycled/repurposed materials and the collection of 400 tires began at the beginning of 2019. Our near by neighbor and friends bought some land that came with a lot of tires (previous owners had plans to build an Earthship) which they longed to get rid of. This is what you call a win win. We at Haven get the materials we value for building our greenhouse (thermal mass and wall structure) in a very sustainable way and our friends are getting rid of the off gassing mosquito breeding tires! Our goal with this building is also to test cost, labor, materials, design functionality, basically the Guinea Pig for future buildings. The location site for the greenhouse has been created and when the weather permits, the digging will commence. This project is at the forefront of all projects taking place at Haven in 2019. I look forward to documenting the process and sharing it with you in the coming months. Marco will have all the specifics and I will make sure to include them so anyone interested has all the information.