Seed Inventory & Planting Days

What a farmer/gardener does when winter snows, temps and winds keep him/her indoors. We learned that the winter season is just as important as the growing months!!! It is a perfect time to rest physically (mentally too sometimes) and let the mind create. This winter is still among us here in New Mexico and is said to be one of the most moist winters in years. Super great news for us. Can you image what spring and summer are going to look like around here with all the happy plants, flowers, animals, birds, bees and people?! Being organized and efficient is an art and it really pays off (in more ways than one) when starting a food forest. Fortunately Aurelio was disciplined and organized with his seed collections in 2018. With all those seeds and some additional ones adding in this year, we will have over 100 types of plants going into the earth this season. Perennials are our main focus this year as well as adding additional fruit and nut trees. A great tool to have on hand is the Biodynamic Calendar.