Mission Statement:

Answering our hearts calling to the land as a regenerative legacy for future generations. 

Vision Statement:

Develop a good stewardship of land through regenerative practices grounded in a holistic view with the ultimate goal of reactivating, sustaining and nurturing the natural ecosystem processes. 

Our Team:

A strong family bond and shared passion for all living things gives us the commitment to take on challenges with a smile.   


Growing up on a remote ranch in Mexico gave Aurelio hands on experience with Holistic Management land practices and the farm life.  

New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment is where Aurelio was chosen to settle. He can be found practicing composting methods of Dr Elaine Ingham, biodynamics, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, animal husbandry, sustainable earth building and much more! Aurelio's calling is to work the land, be a living example to others on how to create a regenerative self sustained lifestyle. He is a ball of energy that loves to have fun getting things done - all the while respecting the natural cycle of things.  


Raised on a rural ranch in Northern Mexico, La Inmaculada. With gained experience from working in a homestead, he is motivated to keep living the simple, yet rewarding life of taking care of the planet. Some of his hobbies include cycling, mechanical and practical building, and carpentry. Passionate of finding ways to make the world a better place, he has found interests in natural and auto- sustainable building, repurposing materials, harvesting natural resources and moving away from fossil fuels. Marco is a joy bomb to be around and his meticulous nature is a true asset to the Haven crew.


Eva is currently working on a documentary of Haven aimed on reawakening humanity to the fact that we are all interconnected and reliant on one another. To build awareness that there is no separation between personal health and the health of our environment-planet earth.


"Being in the healing arts for many years and seeing children, young adults, adults, elders all experiencing health issues, pain and unhappiness alerted me to the fact that mainstream American lifestyles need to reconnect with nature and children need to be extensively educated on where things come from, where they go and there value - not monetary but ecologically. I look forward to places like Family Haven Farms providing healing environments for the human mind, body and spirit synergistically healing animal and plant ecosystems.

Working to contribute in whatever ways possible to the regenerative lifestyle, I moved to New Mexico's Family Haven Farms in January 2018. Intrigued with the homesteading life, and the unwavering dedication of my partner Aurelio to create a regenerative model on the family farm, I have quickly realized how truly special Family Haven Farms is to the world. The team is inspiring to be a part of - they are driven as well as consistent in their regenerative efforts. The innovation, resourcefulness and motivation to create a self sustainable habitat, continues to inspire me to be better, to do more for the planet and people as well as share this message with the local community and the world at large." 


Iván Eusebio Aguirre Darancou currently teaches at the University of California, Riverside. Growing up in the Sonoran desert under a holistic management way of life, Iván’s life path has taken him to the study of literature and culture, a profession developed in the dry highlands of Monterrey, Mexico and river city of St, Louis, Missouri before ending up in California teaching Mexican film, literature and culture. One of his core value is the importance of continuous imagination of another world, and this informs his teaching and research as well as his contribution to Haven. With the short and long term goal of economic, political and social autonomy, he seeks to help create and sustain Haven as a hub for education, emotional growth, food and water sustainability and growth and a strong human-nonhuman community of living beings. "I envision myself and the rest of Haven as stewards of the land, and it is our duty to it to improve its health in environmental as much as social terms, considering social to include humans as much as plants and animals and fungi".


Dacia was raised in Rancho La Inmaculada in Pitiquito, Sonora, Mexico, where she learned and took to heart the teachings of Holistic Resource Management listening closely to her father Ivan Aguirre Ibarra and mother Martha Darancou and witnessing those values in practice. She currently lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest. Understanding the value of living and working in a ranch, Dacia is a full advocate on the impact that humans can have to restore and improve our biological ecosystems, sustain economic health, and simultaneously enhance our quality of life. Knowing that there is a need for change worldwide and knowing that she has the capabilities to be a part of something larger, Dacia is proud to be a part of that change in something meaningful, sustainable, fruitful, and awe-inspiring.


Born and raised in the border land of Juarez/El Paso, I've had the opportunity of wearing many hats. Graduated from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas with a Bachelor's in Business and Management Information Systems. I had the blessing of home schooling my four children on a ranch in the Sonoran Desert for over 20 years. There, I became aware of the importance of the stewards of the land,  whether they be ranchers, farmers, environmentalists, technical supporters, etc.  Am convinced that by setting an example of stewardship and maintaining an environment where we can all thrive we can all help heal our lands.