Dear Mr Santa Claus,
This year I have been a very good kid. I am now living in New Mexico and wanted to make sure you could find me this Christmas.  I have done my all responsibilities at my new home, Family Haven Farms, to the best intent. Making a new home is very fun and there are very many things to do everyday. It was very hard for me to wait for the Christmas season to write you Santa!

I got up early to feed the chickens and the dogs. I have been an obedient kid to the dot, with pops and moms. I have a few things that I would like to have for good purposes, I make a list of:
First on the list is snow booties for the dogs. The
three little pugs (Percy, Fonsi & Lupi-Yo) have sensitive paws and Onyx (very big dog) could use protection from the ice and snow.

My electric energy source is lacking an upgraded charge controller and batteries. This will allow me to connect more panels I already have on hand.
The 4x4 truck that I have needs a new car battery, this will help me to be able to move in bad weather roads.

Shoe spikes are very handy when the ground is frozen or when it gets super muddy.
These winter months have short days and long nights, a good set of
reading lights would be awesome to make those long nights and early mornings productive.
I have been healing the soil around us with water catchments and gardening, a good load of straw bales is needed to mulch the area for the forest garden.
Friends from the border towns make “buñuelos”, very good once a year treats.
Since my solar equipment will grow a little, I will be able to charge a
portable projector, for the so called movie nights.

It gets very cold here in the winter months and the work outside does not stop. These coveralls will make my life much warmer and the laundry load smaller. Making laundry is not an easy task for me here in Haven because I have to make a two hour commute, walking time and energy that I could use in Haven. I know you think it is very important to stay clean and to always look tidy. For this, can I have a hand cranked washing machine?
One of the ways that I use to heal the soil is by throwing cover crops seeds (of different varieties
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) in strategic places with rain water harvesting.
Since my garden is growing and I am adding diversity of permanent plants, I would like to start with Maximilian sunflower, Goumi shrub elaegnus multiflora, Maypop passionflower and Osha.
I am starting to build a greenhouse/shed building (the Terraceship), with earthship concepts, so it needs dimensional lumber (2x6, 2x10 and 2x12) for the greenhouse part.
I would like to have some railroad ties to use as beams and posts for greenhouse.
Since I am in my baby steps, the tool box is not very stocked and a compound miter saw would help me a lot for the project building.
If you could find a way to send me a tractor/backhoe/bulldozer to put in then a few hours to fix roads and make dwelling/foundations digs.
My daddy says that cash is always useful to have in my wallet, so if that is something you would like to put there it would make me very happy!

Thank you Mr Santa Claus, there is cookies and milk on the table next to the Den’s doors.
 PS: I promise that next year I will accomplish the goals which you help me out with and I will keep doing better things to better our home, Earth.